Reduce Your Cancer Risk in 3 days or Less

VegetablesA true story of drastic change that you can replicate.

Hearing a cancer diagnosis for yourself or a loved one can be overwhelming. Hearing a cancer diagnosis for a second time can be devastating.

My mission is to show you how to create health. Controlling blood sugar and insulin is one of the most powerful steps you can take.

This inspirational story demonstrates how motivation and commitment can make powerful changes quickly:

Rob is a youngish man in his 40’s with a recurrence of prostate cancer. His PSA levels are rising, a sign that there may be more cancer cells growing.

Note: All men over 40 should get their blood levels of Free PSA and Total PSA measured at least once each year.

Rob already had his prostate removed with surgery.  Now his doctors wanted to do radiation even though they could see no tumors on his scan. So what were they planning to radiate he asked?  And what can I do besides radiation therapy?

We knew we needed to change the environment of his cells, just as we change the soil in a garden to get healthier plants.

Rob is diabetic and takes insulin, the hormone that helps blood sugar get from the blood into the cells. Rob’s blood sugar was way too high and so were his insulin levels.

Bad news: If you have high blood sugar, high blood insulin, pre-diabetes or full blown diabetes, you are 40% more likely to get all forms of cancer and to have a recurrence of cancer.

As both insulin and blood sugar drive the growth and spread of cancer, the first step is to lower both. I put Rob on a very strict low low low glycemic diet. Glycemic means the power of food to raise your blood sugar and trigger the release of the hormone insulin.

A low glycemic diet is an anti-cancer diet.

After only a few days on his new diet his blood sugar and insulin levels were heading in a healthier direction.

To both prevent cancer in the first place and to prevent recurrence, limit your sugars, sweets, grains, sweeteners, breads and pastas.

Eat a diet composed of vegetables of every color of the rainbow, healthy proteins and healthy fats and oils. In a few days you can change your physiology dramatically.

To Learn More: For detailed guidelines. recipes, food lists and meal plans, read my OutSmart Cancer QuickStart Guide.

These are simple steps that you can take right now to create a body where cancer cannot thrive. You, too, can drastically reduce your cancer risk in only a few days.