I am not brave enough to tolerate much discomfort. Within about 10 days of starting your program, there was such an enormous difference – an unbelievable difference. A colleague wondered about this new paradigm – “thriving” on chemo. Of course after starting with nutrition and supplements and acupuncture, I began and continue to feel healthy and well and able to engage fully in life again.

My friends say how AMAZING I look and seem surprised and puzzled and slightly suspicious. I think people are beginning to wonder if my cancer diagnosis was a sham! . I have energy, though I am careful not to over tire myself, not to do anything I think might be physically, or worse, emotionally draining. I am vigilant, though not obsessive, with my diet and nutrition and I am very disciplined about taking the supplements. And I tell everyone to take me off their worry list.

The focus on my health and well-being makes me feel safe and unconcerned. With your help, I have achieved what I wanted when I first started treatment, and that is to make dealing with the cancer simply a routine like cleaning my teeth, not the central focus of my or my family’s life.

I am incredibly, daily, grateful for this fortune, this gift of life and wellbeing. And, again, I thank you.

– Bridget Advanced Breast Cancer

Last year I almost died of advanced cancer. Nobody should have to go through what I experienced- My doctors are amazed. After only two weeks of starting my nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, morning smoothie and cancer fighting diet, my health and vitality doubled and in three months, I’m feeling close to 100% – Dr. Nalini Chilkov is my secret weapon for perfect health – she’s practical, pragmatic and brilliant.

– Mike Koenigs, Advanced Colorectal Cancer, Best Selling Author and Speaker

I too can write paragraphs about the wonders of care I received after I was struck with breast cancer lumpectomy surgery and radiation treatments 12 years ago. Ever since then I continue to follow the regimen of supplements and diet she recommends. All from a very cautious diet and strong supplementation to correct the “terrain” (Dr. Nalini’s word) of my body. Thank you for everything, dear Dr.Nalini. I can always feel confident in the health trials that I may face without fear by virtue of your brilliant care . My life which is rich and full and will continue that way as I sail thought my 70?s and beyond!

– L.M. Breast Cancer Survivor/Thriver

I am not sure where to begin to thank you. Now I feel like I can be pro-active in my battle and not just a vessel for harmful but necessary chemicals. Much of her nutritional advice, as my husband is a wonderful and informed cook, was on our radar but thanks to Dr. Chilkov, we now have the needed impetus to clean up those last nasty eating choices. Her encouragement to use this illness to create life changing habits was empowering and the comfort of knowing that she be in my corner for a long time to come is a huge emotional boost. Even the process of sorting through the plethora of vitamin/supplement bottles feels liberating and a definite boost to my energy level & well being. I cannot thank you enough for your all knowing kindness. With extreme gratitude for giving a life changing gift.

– J.C. Ovarian Cancer

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