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Join the Wisdom Study

Be part of changing the future of women’s health. Help end the confusion about breast cancer screening. Join Now. What is the Wisdom Study? The Wisdom Study is designed to end the confusion about breast cancer screening….

7 Reasons You Might Get Cancer

7 Reasons You Might Get Cancer CoQ10

Low Levels of CoEnzyme Q10 Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer A study* done in 2011 that followed over 1000 Chinese women found that women with lower levels of CoQ10 have higher rates of breast…

Joint Pain Prevalent in Cancer Patients

cancer joint pain

Why Do Cancer Patients Have Joint Pain? Unfortunately, joint pain is an all too common side effect of drugs frequently prescribed to breast cancer and ovarian cancer patients…(and even some prostate cancer patients.) Aromatase Inhibitors…

June is Cancer Survivors Month

cancer inspiration

I don’t really like the word “survivor”…it sounds like the walking wounded. Some people like the word “thriver” instead of “survivor”. I prefer to talk about “living well beyond cancer”. Today in the US there are…

Why are 1 in 3 women diagnosed with cancer?

women cancer

Why you need to think about prevention. It is pretty startling and very sobering to realize that if you are sitting with your sisters, mom, grandmother, aunts, close friends…let’s say there are six of you…

Broccoli Sprouts May Suppress Breast Cancer

Broccoli sprouts are always in season. Studies Suggest Links to Breast Cancer Protection and Prevention by Helayne Waldman, Ed.D., M.S. Is it nature or nurture that determines our susceptibility to cancer? One of the most…

Breast Cancer | Beware of Sugars and Starches

Research continues to reinforce the link between breast cancer and diet, particularly the importance of keeping your blood sugar in the low normal ranges. Higher levels of blood sugar and blood insulin are linked to higher incidence of breast cancers. This becomes more important as you age because most women develop some “insulin resistance” in which blood sugar starts to creep higher with advancing years as your cells become less sensitive to blood sugar regulating hormones. Post menopausal women should make efforts to reduce the intake of sweets and starches. This advice also applies to younger women who will benefit by implementing healthy eating habits early in life. It’s really very easy to accomplish.