Join the Wisdom Study

Join the Wisdom StudyBe part of changing the future of women’s health. Help end the confusion about breast cancer screening.

What is the Wisdom Study?

The Wisdom Study is designed to end the confusion about breast cancer screening.
By comparing two safe and accepted screening recommendations, we can discover the best screening guidelines for ourselves, our sisters, our daughters, and future generations of women.
Together, we can discover the best way forward.

What are the benefits of participating in the Wisdom study?

By participating in this study, you will help us determine how to best screen every woman. You may also have access to advanced testing and data that is not routinely available, as well as, have access to the latest information on breast health provided from a source you can trust.
Most advances that have been made in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer are due to participation of women like you in studies like this.
By participating you are joining a community of 100,000 women who will end the confusion for yourself, other women, and the next generation.