32 Ways To OutSmart Cancer by Dr. Nalini

32 Ways books cover32 Ways to OutSmart Cancer: How to Create A Body Where Cancer Cannot Thrive

You have your medical providers working to rid your body of disease. But do you have the health and wellness side covered? 

The War on Cancer is not enough for long-term health and longevity.  You must have a plan. Take control. Avoid getting cancer again.  Or avoid getting cancer in the first place!

If you are ready to get started, this is the book for you.

This easy-to-use guide is the fruit of over 30 years of experience teaching cancer patients, cancer survivors and their families how to Get Well, Stay Well and Live Well Beyond Cancer using all natural and safe therapies as part of a comprehensive and collaborative approach to Integrative Cancer Care.

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Create Health in the Midst of Cancer

Dr. Chilkov is an invaluable resource for creating a plan for health in the midst of the challenges and complexities of cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment and recovery and investing in the health side of the equation.

– Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, best selling author

Read this Book While You Are Still Healthy

In a world where so many of us now get cancer, a how-to book on how to avoid cancer is most helpful. From everything I’ve researched, integrative medicine — looking at how the body functions without just covering up symptoms as does much of our Western medical model — is the way to go.
Though comprehensive and full of ideas, Dr Chilkov’s book is an easy read, and easy to skim as you’re putting the information into effect. Well worth getting 32 Ways — and then putting her recommendations into effect.

– Yael Cohen

Change Your Odds

Dr. Chilkov has laid out a step-by-step plan that increases the odds of living cancer free. Anyone who applies these recommendations will get key side benefits–more energy, mental clarity, better sleep and lower risk of heart disease and diabetesAs Dr. Chilkov says, making these changes is a journey. Journeys happen one step at a time. This one has 32 steps–definitely doable!

– Cheri Jones, R.D., M.P.H.

Prevention, Cure and Hope in One Book

Profound lessons with do-able recommendations from a doctor who knows her stuff! I’ve lost too many people to cancer, and this book is a beautiful guide that I recommend everyone reads.

– Alexandra M. Jamieson, Health and Nutrition Expert

Keep this book handy and read it often!

Wellness expert Dr. Nalini Chilkov provides easy, practical, and joyous actions we can take to help prevent cancer in ourselves and loves ones…Sound and practical advise we all can follow, just need to remind ourselves. Beat the odds of 1 out of 3.

– Josephine Gross, Editor, Networking Times

Gratitude, Nutrition & Beautiful Food!

I’m a big fan of prevention and beautiful food and this book delivers! Dr. Nalini  provides 32 ways to outsmart cancer AND other lifestyle diseases, with beautiful back-to-basics advice about eating nourishing nutrient-dense, antioxidant- and polyphenol-rich real whole food. I especially like the section on herbs and spices and love the chapter on gratitude! Dr. Nalini is my referral source for cancer and I’m thrilled to be sharing her new book with my clients – bravo!

– Trudy Scott,  Nutritionist and Author of the Anxiety Food Solution

Prevent Cancer Now

32 Ways to Outsmart Cancer is a book we all need to read. Cancer is currently the number two cause of death so buy this book now and create a body in which Cancer, and all disease for that matter, cannot thrive. Dr. Nalini Chilkov Lac OMD is one of the most trusted experts in the cancer field and in this book she shares the best of her thirty years of experience to help you prevent cancer and more.

– Dr. Robyn Benson