Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Enhance Immunity and Energy

Fresh fruits salad with mint- Healthy EatingMore Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Low Glycemic (low carb, low starch, low sugar) High Protein Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is THE MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day. After sleeping all night your body and brain are ready for fuel.  Our modern life, in which we use our brains more than our muscles all day long calls for brain fuel in the form of high quality protein, healthy fats and oils and lots of antioxidants. Here are some healthy breakfast ideas that provide high quality nutrients to start your day with enhanced immunity, vitality and energy and clarity of mind!

  • 2 poached or boiled high omega 3 eggs, 2 organic chicken or turkey breakfast sausages or turkey bacon, sliced tomatoes, sliced avocados drizzled with olive oil
  • left over dinner:  4 oz chicken breast or grilled salmon,  1 cup steamed broccoli, zuchinni  or spinach, baked yam or baked butternut squash
  • a wrap: gluten free whole grain chapatti or tortilla with organic black beans or sliced organic hormone free chicken or turkey, salsa, avocado, tomatoes, chopped fresh greens-lettuce, red cabbage or spinach  (fresh cilantro or goat cheese optional)
  • soup/meal in a bowl:  large bowl of soup made with protein of your choice (organic beans, tofu, hormone free/ free range chicken, turkey, grass fed beef, lamb or bison plus root and green vegetables, onions, garlic and seasonings of your choice)
  • If you are not sensitive to dairy products:  ½ cup organic full fat hormone free unsweetened greek yoghurt (preferably goat yoghurt),  10 toasted almonds or walnuts,  ½ tsp chia seeds,  1 tablespoon flax oil,  ½ cup organic berries, cinnamon, vanilla