WORLD CANCER DAY: Cancer Is Not A Death Sentence


 FEBRUARY 4 2013

  • Cancer isn’t a death sentence: advances in understanding risk and prevention, early detection, treatment and care can lead to improved outcomes for patients.
  • Cancer isn’t a death sentence: with few exceptions, early stage cancers are less lethal and more treatable than late stage cancers.
  • 30% of all cancer cases can be prevented!
  • Cancer is not just a health issue: it has wide-reaching social, economic, development and human rights implications.
  • Cancer is not only a disease of the elderly: most of the 750,000 cervical and breast cancer deaths per year occur during a woman’s reproductive years ages 12-42 years old
  • Cancer does not have to be your fate: tobacco use is linked to 71% of all lung cancer deaths, and accounts for at least 22% of all cancer deaths.
  • Cancer is preventable: tobacco use is estimated to kill one billion people in the 21st century.

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