Wise Words for Cancer Patients and Cancer Survivors

The Four-Fold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer, and Visionary

Many years ago I studied with a remarkable woman named Angeles Arrien.  She teaches a path called The Four Fold Way which she describes as “an educational program to increase your respect for nature, each other, and enhance your ability to work collaboratively in your family and profession using four universal principles and archetypes. By using these principles participants learn how to be more effective both personally and professionally.”

I received an announcement in the mail this week from her in which these principles are listed. I had not revisited them in a long time. My work with her touched me very deeply and had a huge impact on my life, deepening me as a person and connecting me to the sacred and clarifying my own values.  As I re-read them again I realized that these are very wise words for cancer patients and cancer survivors, useful for coping with all of the many and myriad challenges that cancer brings.

In an Integrative and Collaborative Alternative Cancer Care model, I feel that “Tending the Spirit” must be included. By this I mean addressing  and nurturing the inner life. Getting in touch with one’s values and what meaning, taking time for deep reflection and inquiry and re-ordering one’s priorities.

Imagine if all cancer patients, their doctors and their friends and family agreed to live by these principles!!  I think it would change the experience for each and every person, in depth, in authenticity and in meaning.

The Way of the Warrior/Leader: Show up and Choose to Be Present

Way of the Healer:Pay Attention to What Has Heart and Meaning

The Way of the Visionary: Tell the Truth Without Blame or Judgement

The Way of the Teacher: Be Open to Outcome, Not Attached to Outcome

(And I also remember there was a lot of talk about SENSE OF HUMOR as well!)

What do you think?

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