What Is The Secret To A Speedy Recovery After Breast Cancer Surgery?


Do you want to recover from breast cancer surgery more quickly? Get your strength and mobility back? How can you transform the side effects of breast cancer surgery? It’s pretty simple. Get back into movement and exercise.  Watch the video! Instead of doing nothing..which is what most surgeons recommend…Roll out your exercise mat, get to the gym, the physical therapist, the pilates studio, the yoga mat and move move move (of course only under the guidance of trained exercise professional who understands breast cancer surgery rehabilitation and recovery and with the permission of your doctor).  Exercise  not only releases endorphins giving you an increased sense of well being,  but also speeds up recovery and has been shown to reduce risk of recurrence and even getting cancer in the first place

Doreen Puglisi, M.S,, Founder of  The Pink Ribbon Program  is an exercise physiologist and educator who transformed her professional — then personal — experience with cancer into a successful rehabilitation program for breast cancer survivors. The Pink Ribbon Program originated when Doreen began working with breast cancer survivors as a Pilates Instructor and Exercise Physiologist. She was stunned to discover that survivors were discharged following mastectomy, lymph node dissections and even reconstructive surgeries without a plan for either physical therapy or rehabilitation of the affected side. With her energy, drive and knowledge of exercise physiology, Doreen has set out to develop a program to help her clients achieve their best possible recovery.

The Pink Ribbon Program was well underway when Doreen faced her own cancer diagnosis. She applied the Pink Ribbon protocol to her own recovery. Today the Pink Ribbon Program is a gentle, staged process that begins when the survivor is either six weeks past her surgery or has received her doctor’s approval to begin gentle exercise therapy.

They have a Pink Ribbon Exercise Manual that shows you how to work out at home.  There are  more than 800 instructors  who have been trained and certified in the United States, Australia and Europe to help women recover their mobility, strength, and range of motion following breast cancer surgery.

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