Tired? Hormones Out of Balance?

Get your energy back!

I am off to Florida for my semi-annual Summit with some of the rockstars and leading edge thinkers in the health revolution.

This is where I go to be with my tribe and get a major dose of inspiration. Not to mention, some of my closest friends and colleagues show up there every year.

It’s a love fest and a time to learn and share with the best of the best. And, of course, it’s really nice to go to Florida in January and feel that moist warm subtropical air. And I am going to get a dose of immune supportive, bone building, mood lifting, anti-cancer Vitamin D: the Sunshine Vitamin, while I am there!

Dr. Nalini’s Recommendation: Maca Root

Sweet DreamsI have been talking this month about the cancer-fighting power of cabbage family vegetables rich in sulphoraphanes, but what about cabbage family herbal medicines?

One of my absolutely favorite nourishing and strengthening herbs is Maca Root.

Maca has been traditionally used in South America for centuries. We use the root of this cabbage family plant which stores nutrients and plant chemicals to support a normal hormone balance and a more normal and resilient response to stress.

I often recommend Maca for that tired and wired feeling and for women who need support for menopausal symptoms.

My dear friend and colleague Dr. Anna Cabeca, has traveled the world studying the most potent and nutritive plants and has created an amazing product called Mighty Maca Greens which is not only packed with high quality herbs and nutrients, but also tastes truly fantastic.

You can also find Maca Powder in most natural foods stores. I recommend at least a teaspoon daily mixed into a smoothie or just in water or juice or tea on a regular basis. Using tonifying herbs that are nourishing on a regular basis over time is a great contributor to your health and longevity!