This is What Gets Me Up and Eager to Go to Work

A new patient, after her first visit. The visit was a gift from a friend who decided not to send flowers, but to give her the opportunity to open and flower herself in the midst of great challenge……..

Finally, someone who is looking at the whole and long term picture; not just deploying nuclear bombs in my body and waiting to see the results. Now I feel like I can be pro-active in my battle and not just a vessel for harmful but necessary chemicals. … Her encouragement to use this illness to create life changing habits was empowering and the comfort of knowing that she be in my corner for a long time to come is a huge emotional boost.  I cannot thank you enough for your all knowing  kindness. With extreme gratitude for giving a life changing gift. I am not sure where to begin to thank you.  My meeting with Dr. Chilkov was the most needed of medicines. J.C.

At the end of a long day…this makes it all worth it!