The Quickest Way to Power Up Your Immunity

immunity in the new yearWe find ourselves once again at the beginning of a new cycle, a new year.

I cannot believe it. It is my personal tradition to reflect upon the cycle that has passed and to look forward into the unknown.

I am aware of the temptation to set unrealistic and unreasonable goals for myself. Although I do not want to think small, but rather have big visions, I also want to be kind to myself in the process of striving to create something new, to replace an old habit with a healthier one.

I would like to return to a more balanced lifestyle, one in which there is more time for relaxation and doing nothing, time for more exercise, and more time to be with friends and loved ones.

This is always my wish and my struggle. Because I am a doer and always have so much to do!!! Of course, no one is making me do anything. This is all self-created. So, I am going to start with a commitment to just stop and breathe for 10 minutes every day, to quiet my heart and mind, to stop, to deeply relax, to empty myself out and to see what arises from that open space.

I think I can start there! A way back home to myself and to my meditation practice.

Take Action:

What is your kind and reasonable wish for yourself?  What small doable, yet transformational, action can you take that you can sustain?

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January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Although many insurers and government agencies have stopped recommending annual gynecologic exams, I am a firm supporter of regular, thorough care.

It’s time to schedule your annual health exams.  For those of us who want to practice health care and not disease care, the best way to do so is to take advantage of routine screenings so that we can catch things EARLY, when there are more choices for treatment and when changes are small and easier to treat and turn around.

Take Action:

Schedule your annual health exams now with your gynecologist, internist or family doctor for a complete women’s health exam (including pelvic exam, breast exam, PAP smear and blood tests) or for a complete men’s health exam (including prostate exam and blood tests).

Does this save lives? Yes it does!  But more than that, taking action towards health also promotes quality of life as well.

Fighting Cancer in the Kitchen with Healthy Friendly Bacteria found in naturally fermented foods

One of the most powerful things you can do to have a healthy immune system and healthy cervix (and for the men reading or in your lives, a healthy prostate), is to reduce the intake of sugars and sweets and include fermented foods such as yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso and even cured olives in your diet.

If you know you are not going to eat fermented foods regularly, consider taking a Probiotic supplement, such as Probiotic Synergy.

If you have a bacterial or vaginal infection you can insert the tablet or an open capsule into your vagina where the healthy friendly bacteria not only creates a more normal acid-alkaline balance, but also enhances local immunity, inflammation control and restores a healthy ecology to the vagina where infectious bacteria, yeast and viruses cannot grow so readily.

Take action for cervical health:

To reduce your risk of cervical cancer, reduce your intake of sweets and sugars (including fruit). High blood sugar increases cancer risk and promotes vaginal infections and inflammation.

Increase your intake of fermented foods or take an oral acidophilus probiotic supplement daily.  Use this same probiotic vaginally if needed after a course of antibiotics to restore a healthy and protective ecology to your female organs.

Sounds simple, but it is very powerful, especially over time.  You can transform your immunity with probiotics!