Friendship, Longevity and Survival

As life unfolds and  the challenges of aging and illness arise, having a support system of family and nourishing friendships is vital. Statistics show that cancer patients with family support and a network of friends or those that join support groups have better outcomes and better quality of life.

According to an article in the LA Times citingresearch from Brigham Young University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a supportive network of family and friends may have an impact on longevity.

According to research at the University of British Columbia of the effects of social relationships and survival for woment with breast cancer, “Significant and indepedent effects on survival include: number of supportive friends, number of supportive persons, whether the woman worked, whether she was unmarried, the extent of contact with friends and the size of her social network. Thus, the woman’s social context, particularly contexts of friendship and work outside the home, are statistically important for survival.”

Here is a beautiful article on women and friendship as we age:
Friendship over 50- Friends for Life? , author, Jaki Scarcello makes these points:

  • The nature of friendships continues to grow as we age
  • Women of 50+  lose their tolerance of superficial friendships
  • Women of 50+ often reconnect with friends from their past
  • Women over 50  have higher standards for friendship

Here is a picture of me and friend I have known since my teens!!! There is nothing so precious as a life long friendship!


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