Lessons from 5 Years of Drought

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I live in California. Everywhere the weather patterns are changing. We are going into our 5th year of severe drought. Now I turn off the water in the shower as I wash my hair or…

Why are 1 in 3 women diagnosed with cancer?

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Why you need to think about prevention. It is pretty startling and very sobering to realize that if you are sitting with your sisters, mom, grandmother, aunts, close friends…let’s say there are six of you…

Free Exercise Program for Women with Cancer

Free Exercise Program for Women with Cancer Just a few blocks from my Integrative Cancer Care and Wellness Medicine clinic in Santa Monica, California, the local chapter of the YMCA hosts Encore: A Free Program for…

How To Recognize Cancer: The Healthy Woman Checklist Part One

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Health is precious. Losing our health and well-being, especially to a deadly and life-threatening disease such as cancer, is often in our own hands at first. If we are paying close attention to our bodies, we can bring these signs to our care providers to help us understand what these symptoms mean.

What Is The Secret To A Speedy Recovery After Breast Cancer Surgery?

Do you want to recover from breast cancer surgery more quickly? Get your strength and mobility back? How can you transform the side effects of breast cancer surgery? It’s pretty simple. Get back into movement and exercise. Watch the Video. Instead of doing nothing..which is what most surgeons recommend…Roll out your exercise mat, get to the gym, the physical therapist, the pilates studio, the yoga mat and move move move