Health Care in America | You Won’t Believe This

Have you been injured more than once due to an unspecified encounter with a chicken, bitten by an orca whale a second time or been injured at the opera? The health insurance industry is rolling out a new system of diagnostic codes. Here are some of the new codes in the NEW IMPROVED system. (Stabbed While Crocheting, Bitten by A Sea Lion, Unspecified Encounter with a Chicken, Injured in the swimming pool of a prison, burns due to water skis on fire, injured in the crash landing of a spacecraft) Let me know what you think…Laughing out loud and rolling your eyes yet?! If you want more laughs, read on!

Affordable Care Act Helps Cancer Patients and Their Families

The Affordable Care Act helps cancer patients and their families in many ways. Download this free document from the American Cancer Society The Affordable Care Act: How It Helps People With Cancer and Their Families to learn how to get the care you need as well as your rights and protections under the new law.

Why Insurance Companies Win and Patients Lose The Health Care Game

Health Insurance in America is not really about delivering health CARE. It seems to me that it is most often about obstructing access to care when it is most needed. This is primarily because health insurance in America is a for profit business. Therefore the entire system is designed to benefit the insurance companies’ bottom lines…profit, not patients well being,

Choose A Wellness Doctor to Live Longer & Save Money on Health Care

Being under the care of a physician who is interested in you as a unique individual and in what causes health will save you money and extend your life. They tend to prescribe less drugs and turn to complementary methods of promoting health and healing. They teach their patients how to cultivate and sustain health, rather than chasing after symptoms and only managing diseases.