What to Say to Your Oncologist

The Seven Traits of Leadership on the High Seas of Cancer By Craig R. Hildreth, MD To My New Oncologist, I am hoping that you can help me. I just found out that I have…

10 Minute Wellness Tips

10 Minute Health Wellness Tips

Improve just about every area of your health with wellness tips.  It’s absolutely free, no strings attached. My friends, Brad Costanzo and Bob Serling, at 10 Minute Wellness Tips, have just released a series of short,…

Who Is the Emperor of All Maladies?

Cancer: The Emperor Of All Maladies

Over 30 years ago, cancer got really personal for me. Both of my parents were diagnosed. No one else in our family ever had cancer. This got my attention. I questioned whether we had all…

10 Reasons You Should be Tested for Vitamin D

Vitamin D can reduce your risk of the flu and complications of flu. Vitamin D contributes to lowering the incidence of infections and inflammation during the fall-winter flu season. The Canadian government has recommended increased…

5 Tips for Dealing With The Stress and Overwhelm of Cancer Part 1

When we are diagnosed with cancer we find ourselves face to face with our mortality,our fragility and all of the things we cannot predict or control. We can learn to be with the effects of chronic stress and debilitating and life limiting illness by bringing a tender and compassionate heart and mindfull awareness to our often traumatic experiences. Susan Bauer Wu, Ph.D., R.N. masterfully teaches a beautiful restorative retreat which is very much about Coming Home to Yourself and Finding Calm, Clarity and Compassion at the Center of the Storm of Health Care and Serious Illness

How to Pay for Cancer Treatments and Integrative Medicine

A Solution to the Cost of Integrative Cancer Care | How to Pay Your Medical Bills. Cancer Treatment is expensive. It seems the Road to Health is Paved with Gold. Integrative Cancer Care is expensive. Conventional Modern Oncology care is uber expensive. Enter GiveForward.com an easy way to provide financial and emotional support for loved ones, friends and neighbors in times of medical need.

Choose A Wellness Doctor to Live Longer & Save Money on Health Care

Being under the care of a physician who is interested in you as a unique individual and in what causes health will save you money and extend your life. They tend to prescribe less drugs and turn to complementary methods of promoting health and healing. They teach their patients how to cultivate and sustain health, rather than chasing after symptoms and only managing diseases.

Mammograms are Not Enough to Save Women From Breast Cancer

Watch this video by Dr. Deborah Rhodes, M.D. from her December 2010 talk at TEDWomen on why mammograms are not enough for early detection of breast cancer in women with dense breasts.  Are you one of the many women who are not getting the right breast screening to prevent breast cancer?

Pink Skies: A film about Breast Cancer and Courage

I recently attended a private screening of Pink Skies: a film about women, breast cancer and courage. Explored are the challenges and the questions breast cancer patients and clinicians face everyday, including both conventional and…