I bet you had no idea about this super vegetable!

Artichoke Super Vegetable

Spring is the season for some of my favorite vegetables: asparagus, arugula, artichokes, and sweet peas. I love shopping farmers’ markets for fresh picked and unusual varieties. California has a town called Castroville, up on…

The Surprising #1 Solution for Fatigue

Fatigued? Get your energy back!

Energy depleted? This small change may make all the difference. Most of us struggle with feeling tired, fatigued, lethargic, in the gray zone, and just dull from time to time. I have been overextending myself…

Coconut Oil Enhances Health and Immunity

Virgin Coconut oil is a functional food. A functional food is a food that not only provides nutrients but also functions in health promotion and disease prevention. Adding coconut oil to the diet has some compelling health…

Is It Safe To Eat Food In America?

This is a compelling Tedx video about the link between the food industry , health care costs and the rising rates of food allergies and cancer in America. Learn why Kellogg, General Mills and Coca Cola don’t use these same chemicals in other countries where they are banned, due to health safety concerns.

Recipe: Grated Carrot Apple Salad with Cranberries

A crunchy colorful alternative to cole slaw and a great way to eat more salad. This colorful easy to prepare fiber rich mix is filled with cell protective cancer fighting antioxidants and bioflavonoids including quercitin, carotenoids, epicatechins, potassium and Vitamin C.