The Surprising #1 Solution for Fatigue

Fatigued? Get your energy back!Energy depleted? This small change may make all the difference.

Most of us struggle with feeling tired, fatigued, lethargic, in the gray zone, and just dull from time to time.

I have been overextending myself and taking on too many projects and responsibilities for a long time….years! And skimping on my sleep; sometimes getting just 5-6 hours a night when I know I need 7-9.

So, last month I made a BIG COMMITMENT to myself to get to sleep at 10:00 PM. I get up at 5:00 AM most mornings, so that guarantees me at least 7 hours. And sometimes I even get eight.

What an incredible difference in my well being, health, immunity, energy, mood and lucidity!

Adequate sleep boosts immunity, balances emotions, and even improves weight loss!

Now I feel more like meditating, exercising and socializing as well. It is really amazing what a simple habit change can do.

Are you getting enough sleep? Try my sleep challenge for yourself and see what happens! I shoot for five out of seven nights, just so I can stay up to watch the Grammies or Academy Awards (I live in LA!), or listen to some great music, or write this newsletter!

Why am I so tired? The surprising cause of fatigue.

Inadequate sleep is not the only cause of feeling tired.

Did you know that the number one most common cause of persistent and pervasive fatigue, often the most common and prevalent complaint of cancer patients and cancer survivors, is INFLAMMATION?

A great way to quench the fire of inflammation is to add ginger and tumeric to your diet along with more fruits and vegetables and healthy fats and oils such as organic (and not rancid) flaxseed, chia seed, olive, almond, sesame seed and coconut oils.

My favorite formula for supporting inflammation control is INFLAMMATONE, which contains curcumin, boswellia, and inflammation-fighting enzymes.

For mild inflammation, the recommended does is 2 caps, 2-4 times daily. For more intense inflammation, increase to 3-4 caps 2-4x/day.

Inflammatone (in these doses) may prove to be an alternative to Advil, Alleve, Motrin, Celebrex and similar Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs.

The latter can cause bleeding in your stomach and breakdown of your cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.  Always check with your healthcare provider about the safest and wisest choice for you…especially long term.

Because cancer itself is an inflammatory condition, increased inflammation can lead to the development of cancer, and we have more inflammation in our bodies as we age, eating an anti-inflammatory diet and using supplements that enhance the normal control of inflammation in our bodies is a key to cancer prevention.

Controlling inflammation is critical to reducing fatigue and creating a body in which cancer cannot thrive.