Spring is the Time to Take Out the Trash!

Spring CleaningSpring Cleaning Never Felt So Good!

The stagnation and stillness of winter are passing and it’s time to get your blood moving again!

You are a mammal, and just like bears slow down and hibernate over winter, our metabolism also slows down during the cold months and starts to rev back up in spring.

It’s the perfect time to attune to nature and move the stagnation out of your body with exercise, saunas, steams and hot herbal baths and teas.

Here are a few easy steps to detoxify your body as Spring takes hold:   

1. Sweat!
Go for a brisk walk or run, or do some challenging yoga. Sweat it out!

2. Take a hot bath.
Add a cup or two of magnesium-rich epsom salts and a few drops of lavender oil or put a few mint and chamomile tea bags in the bath and take a cleansing and relaxing soak.

3. Drink a cup or two of hot ginger root tea before you exercise or get into the bath. The naturally spicy oils will cause you to break into a cleansing sweat, clear your lungs, stimulate your digestion and your lungs while dialing down inflammation, all at the same time!

But don’t stop there. Do some spring cleaning at your home and office and get rid of toxic cleaning chemicals and old cans of paint or solvents. Clean out your closets and drawers and get rid of dust and mold in your environment.

Take Spring cleaning to a whole new level – revitalize your body and your environment!  

Lower Your Body Burden of Toxic Chemicals

14 Day Detox - Pure Body SystemsDo a 14 Day Detox!

Our kit comes complete with instructions and all the ingredients you need to get going. This is a very easy and powerful process!

If you are not quite up to that, just eat light and clean.

For two weeks, eat all organic fruits and vegetables, a little olive and lemon, and a serving of healthy protein, such as beans, tofu, fish or chicken. Protein shakes are also a great way to get your protein while eating clean.

Take 1 Detox Packet twice daily for a month.  

You will have given your body a clean sweep. Consider doing it the whole season. Or once every season. That is what I do!

And if you need something really simple:

Take 1 cap Detox Antiox with each meal to support your body’s own natural capacity to remove toxins.

Always consult your healthcare provider first as detox nutrients can interfere with many medications.

Don’t miss this opportunity to clean the toxins out of your body and start fresh this spring!