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Advice For A Cancer Survivor | The Heart of Healing

Cancer survivors want one thing: to never have to go through the cancer experience again. All cancer survivors worry about a recurrence. All cancer survivors wish to survive and thrive and live long and well. Cancer survivors also want to see their kids grow up, feel alive, energetic, have sex again, play with their kids, get a good nights sleep, return to normal, to the life and person they knew BEFORE cancer. This morning I wrote these words, both practical and heartful, to a cancer survivor about healing and the shape of life now.

Whole Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors | Book Review

The Whole Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors by Helayne Waldman and Ed Bauman- Here is a must have book for all women who have been through breast cancer and want to thrive, not just survive. This is one of those books that I wish I had written. It’s that good!

The Truth About Cancer: Spring 2016 Premiere

Watch over 100 new interviews with top doctors, scientists, and cancer survivors who share their stories about preventing, treating, and beating cancer.  You can catch Dr. Nalini in Episode 3: Cancer-Killing Viruses, Cancer Stem Cells, GMOs,…

The Cancer Answers Global Summit

Dr. Nalini was honored to join 21 other doctors, experts and survivors to share the most up-to-date information on integrative and alternative cancer prevention and healing therapies during this online summit from December 7th through…

OutSmart Cancer™

OutSmart Cancer™ Just Diagnosed Prepare. Strengthen. Fortify. Feeling anxious and overwhelmed about your cancer treatment options? Looking for reliable and trustworthy professional information? Download Dr. Nalini’s OutSmart Cancer™ Just Diagnosed Essentials Guide and get the…