Safe Food Products Free of Cancer Causing BPA

Safe Food Products Are A Must. In a prior blog post BPA Plastics Linked to Cancer we discussed the link between Bisphenol-A (BPA) plastics and coatings and increased risk of cancer. Now that the dangers of BPA are well established, some conscious food companies  are acting responsibily and have decided to use BPA free packaging.   Here is a list of BPA Free Brands  from the site of Mary Hardy MD who is one of my favorite physicians.  She is the director of the Simms Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology at UCLA and one of the leading edge voices and visionaries setting the standard for high quality Integrative Cancer Care. Below is modified list of BPA FREE Brands and Products. Be careful. You still need to read labels!! And some companies have simply swapped BPA for equally toxic chemicals. Here is a small list of the more responsible and reliable food companies claiming BPA free non toxic packaging:

BPA-Free Brands and Products

As of now, the following is a list of companies that produce BPA-free products. Take this list with you when grocery shopping to avoid unnecessary toxin exposure!

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