Recipe: Refreshing Cucumber Gazpacho

Keep your cool this summer with a hydrating and refreshing cucumber gazpacho. 

Cucumbers are so much more than just a powerhouse of nutrients! In addition to keeping you hydrated, they also support heart and brain health. Additionally, these cool cukes have anti-aging properties, reduce bad breath and fight inflammation.

With heart-healthy fats like olive oil and avocados, this soup is perfect for a filling and delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. Avocados are an amazing source of potassium and fiber and promote healthy vision! Cucumbers and avocados both can be easily added to your diet and have been shown to help in healthy weight loss. Use the recipe below as inspiration to get these gorgeous, green fruits and vegetables into your meal plan.

P.S. Take advantage of your herb garden to enhance this beautiful, cold soup!

To make this refreshing summer soup, simply puree in a blender:

Peeled and seeded English cucumber,
Red onion
Olive oil
Lime juice
Salt and pepper, to taste

*Thin with vegetable stock as desired 

(Feel free to replace cilantro with fresh mint or fresh dill!)