Potassium Iodide for Radiation Exposure

Many people have asked about taking iodine for radiation protection. The dose of potassium iodide is 130mg per day for adults and 65mg/day for children for protection against radioactive iodine exposure only. The must be taken during exposure, not before. It is usually taken for 14 days. High dose Potassium Iodide is found from emergency preparedness companies, not typically in health food stores.

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You may also like  There are steps you can take now. Start taking and continue to take a broad spectrum of anti-oxidant supplements to protect your cells from radiation exposures. At this time, it is not recommended to use Potassium Iodide. However, I am recommending that all of my patients increase their intake of antioxidant nutrients for general protection from low levels of radiation exposures. I do recommend two supplements, Detox Anti Ox and Ultimate Antioxidants Full Spectrum ANTIOX ORDER FORM that may be taken together several times per day. Protection from Radiation Exposure Naturally