Please Join Dr. Nalini on Sunday March 16th! Woman of Strength Award!


Please join Dr. Nalini Chilkov and Dr. Kristi Funk, MD (Angelina Jolie’s breast surgeon) as they receive WOMEN OF STRENGTH AWARDS from the GET IN TOUCH FOUNDATION, dedicated to bringing  health awareness to school age girls. GET IN TOUCH empowers girls to know their bodies and recognize not only health, but also when something is not normal and to speak up! We all know that early detection is one of the keys to breast cancer survival. This is an organization worth supporting. From their inception they have grown worldwide touching millions of lives! Their model is simple, effective and easy to replicate from one school to another, one girl to another, one teacher to another. Please celebrate with me on Sunday March 16th in Santa Monica.  REGISTER or MAKE YOUR GENEROUS DONATION HERE.