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If you are living with the stress, overwhelm and anxiety of cancer, suffering from the effects of difficult treatments, worried about cancer returning in the future or about getting cancer in the first place, Integrative…

About Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Dr. Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., O.M.D. Founder, Integrative Cancer Answers Dr. Nalini is a leading edge authority on Integrative Cancer Care, Immune Enhancement, Optimal Nutrition and Wellness Medicine. Dr. Nalini’s OutSmart Cancer Programs are recognized as…

Chronic Pain after Cancer Treatment | Acupuncture to the Rescue

Surviving cancer may not mean living without pain. At least two years after diagnosis 20% of cancer survivors suffer cancer-related chronic pain. Look to Alternative Cancer Care and Acupuncture for Relief of Cancer Related Pain.

Free Exercise Program for Women with Cancer

Free Exercise Program for Women with Cancer Just a few blocks from my Integrative Cancer Care and Wellness Medicine clinic in Santa Monica, California, the local chapter of the YMCA hosts Encore: A Free Program for…

32 Ways To OutSmart Cancer by Dr. Nalini

32 Ways to OutSmart Cancer: How to Create A Body Where Cancer Cannot Thrive You have your medical providers working to rid your body of disease. But do you have the health and wellness side…

Cancer Related Fatigue May Be Relieved By Ganoderma Mushroom

Cancer Related Fatigue is one of the primary complaints of and is a short term and long term side effect of cancer patients both during and after cancer treatment. In a recent study the spores of the widely used Chinese Medicinal Mushroom Ganoderma showed promise in alleviating fatigue in cancer survivors, particularly…

Cordyceps: Cancer Support and Immune Modulation From an Ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine

Cordyceps sinensis (CS) is a fungus that has been historically used for over 2,000 years throughout China and Asia as part of treatment for a variety of conditions including many cancers.

Affordable Care Act Helps Cancer Patients and Their Families

The Affordable Care Act helps cancer patients and their families in many ways. Download this free document from the American Cancer Society The Affordable Care Act: How It Helps People With Cancer and Their Families to learn how to get the care you need as well as your rights and protections under the new law.

What Is The Secret To A Speedy Recovery After Breast Cancer Surgery?

Do you want to recover from breast cancer surgery more quickly? Get your strength and mobility back? How can you transform the side effects of breast cancer surgery? It’s pretty simple. Get back into movement and exercise. Watch the Video. Instead of doing nothing..which is what most surgeons recommend…Roll out your exercise mat, get to the gym, the physical therapist, the pilates studio, the yoga mat and move move move

No Patient Should Ever Feel Alone | Free Personal Websites For Cancer Patients

A strong support community is critical for cancer patients, cancer survivors, friends and family members . Every day provides free, personal websites to cancer patients and caregivers to easily connect with family and friends, because no patient should ever feel alone.