Melatonin Protects Your Cells | May Reduce Cancer Growth

Are You Getting Enough Sleep to Have A Strong Immune System?


Melatonin supports normal restful sleep and may reduce cancer growth! As you age, melatonin declines. Consider melatonin supplementation to support normal sleep and strong cancer fighting immunity.

What Is Melatonin?

Melatonin is naturally produced by your own body. It is most abundant in your brain and in your eyes where there is a very high need for antioxidant protection. This is the beautiful design of nature, Melatonin is also found throughout your body and is a super antioxidant that protects cells and DNA from damage. Melatonin is released by your brain on a 24 hour cycle and starts to increase as dusk arrives as it starts to get dark. Melatonin is linked to your natural sleep cycle and to your immune function.

 Why Melatonin is Important and How to Use It

Research shows that Melatonin levels are lower in cancer patients, especially breast, uterus and colon cancer patients. Melatonin may reduce tumor growth in these cancers. To support normal melatonin levels and achieve greater protection I recommend starting with 3 mg at bedtime and increasing the dose slowly up to 10-12mg at bedtime for greatest protection.  As we age our brains produce less melatonin, so the older you are the lower your natural melatonin levels.  Always check with your healthcare provider before adding a new supplement.   If you feel sleepy or too sedated in the morning, reduce the dose.  Even more important, make sure that you sleep during the night (be in sync with nature) and in a dark room for optimum natural melatonin secretion and the cell protection it provides.  And….get ENOUGH sleep.An average of 7-9 hours each night is required for robust immune function and optimized melatonin levels.

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