Is It Safe To Eat Food In America?

In America, the food is about profit, not health and nutrion. Perfectly whole healthy foods available just as nature made them have been replaced with genetically engineered  manufactured and altered proteins that trigger  immune responses leading to food allergies and sensitivities and may be linked to other diseases, including cancer, diabetes, weight gain,autoimmune reactions, and changes in mood. This is a compelling Tedx video by Robyn O’Brien called Patriotism on a Plate about the link between the food industry , health care costs and the rising rates of food allergies and cancer in America. Learn why Kellogg, General Mills and Coca Cola don’t use these same chemicals in other countries where they are banned, due to health safety concerns. Start to make changes in the foods you buy and consume.

Over 6-12 months you can transform the way you eat, the signals sent to your tissues and your genes and build a body out of safe truly healthy nutrients, not out of altered molecules that send confused signals to our cells and put our health at risk. The codes on those little labels on produce tell you if its organic.  Any code starting with a “9” is organic produce. Start there, then choose grass fed beef, lamb, bison and high omega 3 eggs from free range chickens and hormone free organic dairy products. Start reading labels. Boycott anything with high fructose corn syrup. These few changes will make a huge difference in allergies, inflammation diseases associated with inflammation such as cancer, obesity, heart disease, arthritis and depression. Watch this compelling video and then take a look at what’s in your refrigerator. What is one small change you can make now?

Robyn O’ Brien, called the Erin Brokovich of the food industry by the New York Times, writes an informative blog called Inspired Bites for Prevention Magazine