Inspiring Words from Breast Cancer Patient

I just received this beautiful statement from an extraordinary breast cancer patient.

This is why I get up and go to work ….so I can be inspired by amazing, courageous breast cancer patients.  When patients and oncologists and integrative care providers work together as a team, the very best outcomes are possible. Here are the words one woman’s transformational healing experience.

My wonderful Oncologist recommended I see  Dr. Nalini just prior to starting Chemotherapy for breast cancer, which had spread to a spot on my collarbone.  Dr. Nalini immediately got to work on detoxifying my liver and readying me for the treatments.  For every side effect that came up she had a handy herb, tonic, nutrition suggestion or supplement in her vast toolbox of knowledge and what’s more they worked. I have never been so terrified but yet I got through six chemotherapies without any of the accompanying sickness and nausea. Dr. Nalini worked with my Oncologist to find the best solutions for me. She then helped me detoxify after Chemotherapy and surgery and kept me supported throughout radiation.

So far so good, the spot on the collarbone has healed over with new bone and my tumor shrank so I could get a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy.

The beauty of working with Dr. Nalini is that everything is rooted in scientific research combined with her years of passion and experience. A regular, thorough analysis of one’s blood and genes is used each time she prescribes a new supplement, herb or treatment. The tools change with how your body is responding which is remarkable, individualized care at it’s best.

I am now working with her to prevent recurrence and I can’t tell you how good it feels to have this amazing woman guide me through yet another complex and fascinating path and to feel with her by my side that I have control of my physiology, my gene expressions and my life.

What’s more Dr. Nalini isn’t afraid of cancer. She kicks its ass!

SM 2012

photo credit Pink In Honor Of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Photo credit: Wikipedia)