How does Green Tea Contribute to Weight Loss?

Green tea can lead to effective fat loss while preserving muscle, turning you into a lean fat burning machine.

  1. Green tea catechin ECGC keeps levels of the fat burning hormone norepinephrine high so you  lose weight by burning more fat.  Green tea inhibits the enzyme that breaks down this hormone.
  2. Green tea causes increased excretion of dietary fat by decreasing lipase enzymes in your digestive tract responsible for fat digestion. Although you may eat foods containing fats, you will not break them down as readily and they will not be source of calories because you will excrete them.
  3. Green tea decreases your appetite by causing the release of CCK (cholecystekinin), an appetite suppressing hormone.
  4. Green tea  contains theanine which has positive effects on mood and creates a state of alert relaxation.
  5. Green tea contains caffeine which acts as a stimulant, a mood elevator and a mild diuretic. Caffeine is mildly thermogenic.  Thermogenic foods increase the amount of calories burned.


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