Heart Disease Kills More Women Than Cancer | Read This Book

Dr. Steven Masley, MD. is the kind of doctor everyone wants as their very own. He is that rare combination of brilliant, compassionate, a good listener and a meticulous, thorough, caring, leading edge physician. And not only that, he’s a trained chef! Dr. Steve only sees one patient a day, so it’s pretty hard to get an appointment, but now you can take him home with you.

Not only is Dr. Masley a fine physician who actually walks his talk,  but he  is also a thorough researcher and a talented author. His book The 30 Day Heart Tune Up : A Breakthrough Medical Plan to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease is just like having him guide you back to Heart Health, holding your hand,  one step at a time.  Even better you also get to have a trained chef teach you how to prepare delicious heart healthy meals.

As you read this book, not only do you feel the genuine caring and kindness that shines through, but also the voice of experience. His 30 Day Plan is actually something you can really do. It’s what he has done with his patients for decades. He knows it works and that it will work for you too.

Dr. Masley’s 30 Day Heart Tune Up gets results: a healthier you, a healthier heart, better blood flow and more mojo. Yes, even your sex life will improve! Blood flow and circulation feed every organ. And don’t forget about blood flow to your brain, essential for staying clear and lucid, alert and energetic and interested in sex in the first place! At the end of thirty days, you will have your own experience of more energy and greater health and a spark in your step.

Let’s face it, Americans are a heart disease nation. We are not fit, we are fat. We are inflamed, achey and fatigued and half of us are depressed. We don’t have squeaky clean arteries. Our blood vessels are sticky and gummy and clogged with cholesterol and dangerous plaque setting the stage for heart attacks and stroke. That scenario also sets the stage for problems with sexual energy, sexual performance and pleasure. If this sounds like you, don’t just sit there do something! And Dr. Masley shows you exactly what to do.

You have to read this book to be apprised of the latest discoveries in heart health. It’s is really shocking how much we have been misled when it comes heart healthy foods and what cholesterol is REALLY all about.

Dr. Masley busts some big myths and teaches us a few surprising truths. He teaches you that

  • High cholesterol is not the leading cause of heart disease
  • Eating sugar can be more damaging than eating fat in your diet
  • The amount of cholesterol in your food does not determine your blood cholesterol level
  • Eating  a few eggs does not raise your cholesterol.
  • Most or your blood cholesterol does not come  your from diet, but from your liver
  • Once you start on cholesterol and blood pressure medications you do not have to stay on them forever.
  • Drugs alone cannot give you complete protection against strokes and heart attacks.
  • If you take cholesterol lowering drugs you do have to change what you eat.
  • Making changes in your daily habits with food choices and exercise can help you to lower your blood pressure, your blood sugar your cholesterol and shrink plaque in your arteries even if you have taken drugs for years.

Find out how wrong we have been about food and diet, exercise and medications. Learn the new science that tells us about what really matters and what really works.  This is truly a user friendly book. It is filled with trustworthy and effective advice that represents the leading edge of transformation health care, emphasis on “health”. Who will you be in 30 days?? Run to get this book!  It’s good for  your heart.