How To Turn On Your Cancer Fighting Genes

Please join me on free teleseminar I’m giving “How to Avoid Being the Next Woman Struck Down By Cancer: Five Powerful Steps You Can Take So You Won’t Be One of Them”

7AM Pacific / 9 AM Central / 10AM Eastern


(Don’t worry, if you can’t make the telesminar live, you can listen to the audio later.  But you have to register!)

  • How to give yourself peace of mind by taking control of your health
  • Five potent natural substances filled with life saving anti-cancer factors that keep cancer from growing in your body
  • How to turn on your cancer fighting genes and mobilize your immune system
  • How to activate cancer suppressor genes and turn OFF cancer promoting genes
  • How to increase your cancer fighting natural killer cells
  • Top reasons why so many women are becoming victims of cancer
  • Why cancer is a preventable disease and how not to get it in the first place
  • What you should do to protect yourself on a daily basis
  • How to avoid a cancer recurrence if you are a cancer survivor

Each time you go for your women’s health exam, do you worry that the doctor will find something wrong?

Unfortunately, we all know at least one woman who has had a cancer scare, is living with cancer or recovering from cancer. Instead of worrying about being the next cancer victim, or about having a cancer recurrence, empower yourself with knowledge and give yourself the gifts of peace of mind and a cancer-free, cancer-resistant immune system using safe, natural, effective science-based methods.

In this call I will teach you how to take control of your health and shift your immune system into cancer suppressing, cancer fighting mode with 5 natural food-based remedies that actually turn on your body’s own cancer suppressing systems.  You can control your destiny because cancer is actually a PREVENTABLE DISEASE.