Empowering Personal Recovery from Cancer

Cancer patients undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal therapy, cancer patients in recovery as well as cancer survivors all deal with quality of life issues. Integrative Oncology and Alternative Cancer Care focus on the needs of the whole person and their family, understanding that most patients want to optimize their wellness despite the challenges that cancer can bring. Here are two remarkable and compassionate programs that address the whole of a human being, allowing cancer patients, cancer survivors and their care givers and family to reap a harvest of healing from this challenging experience.

Pathfinders for Cancer: Empowering Personal Recovery from Cancer: The Pathfinders Program fosters healing and personal growth for patients, families and caregivers. The foundation of Pathfinders for Cancer is The Seven Pillars of Personal Recovery. This is a comprehensive and thoughtful program of inquiry, reflection, growth and healing which includes Hope, Balance, Inner Strength, Self Care, Support, Spirit and Life Review. It is a ground breaking coping curriculum scientifically proven to enhance quality of life for cancer patients, even in the midst of progressing disease.

Today cancer care typically does not address the psychosocial needs of cancer patients and their families.  More programs are emerging making sure that each cancer patient has his or her emotional, family and spiritual needs addressed.

At the UCLA Simms/Mann  Center for Integrative Oncology,  psychologist, Dr. Anne Coscarelli, PhD, directs programs that meet the psychological, social and spiritual needs of cancer patients. Patients may choose from individual counseling as well as  diverse groups that teach  techniques to assist with the challenges of cancer including a Meditation group and Mind-Body Approaches to Coping with Cancer as well as groups that rely on creative self-expression such as Healing Through Art.  Research shows that groups can help to reduce anxiety and depression while optimizing psychological well-being and enhancing people’s ability to actively cope with cancer.

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