Curcumin for Bone Health

Curcumin offers many benefits to cancer patients, including bone protection. Keeping bones healthy is crucial as we age.  Many cancers can invade the bone with advanced metastatic disease. Keeping bones healthy is therefore also crucial.

Here is a link to a fantastic article on Curcumin, one of the top ten herbs you should know!! Curcumin, a phytochemical from the culinary and medicinal herb Tumeric, has over 100 known physiologic actions. This shows that plant medicines are multitaskers. Unlike drugs, plant medicines offer multiple benefits. As women (and men) age we lose bone mass. Losing a little bone is termed osteopenia. Losing a lot of bone and being at risk for fracture is called osteoporosis. Although there are many drugs in use, such as Fosamax, Boniva and Zometa, these bisphosphonate drugs don’t make normal bone. They make a picture of the bone look good on film. Some studies show that these drugs actually increase fracture risk, making bone more brittle and much more difficult to heal if a fracture does occur. Having healthy, pliable, normal bone is part of health as we age. All peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women as well as men should include support for healthy bone in their daily regimens.

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A Novel Use for Curcumin

Bone is dynamic tissue that goes through regular three- to six-month buildup/breakdown cycles. Osteoclasts are special cells that break down and dissolve old bone. Once they’ve done their job, a team of cells called osteoblasts takes over to build new bone. This continuous cycle keeps the bones healthy and strong, and prevents them from becoming weak and breaking. But as we age—and as women’s hormones become more unbalanced during the menopause transition—this cycle tends to fall out of balance. As a result, old bone sticks around.