Choose A Wellness Doctor to Live Longer & Save Money on Health Care

Patients whose General Practitioner Knows Complementary Medicine tend to have lower costs and live longer.

Start looking for doctors who know about health and are interested in wellness!! These doctors spend more time with patients, pay attention to lifestyle factors such as diet, nutrition, exercise and stress. They tend to prescribe less drugs and turn to complementary methods of promoting health and healing. They teach their patients how to cultivate and sustain health, rather than chasing after symptoms and only managing diseases.

Being under the care of a physician who is interested in you as a unique individual and in what causes health will save you money and extend your life. Not to mention your improved Quality of Life! Our current system is focused on disease. It is a disease care not a health care system and is controlled by drug companies and insurance companies.

A recently published study on 150,000 patients over a four year period shows that when your doctor is interested in health and prevention and has knowledge of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, patients live longer and healthier lives and spend less money on health care!!!

Take the time to write to your state and federal representatives and to your insurance companies. Talk to your employers who provide your insurance plans. Ask for coverage for acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicine, exercise, stress management, chiropractic, homeopathy, yoga, meditation. If our system remains focused only on disease, surgery and drugs, the costs will continue to skyrocket, the health of our population will continue to decline and only the wealthy will be able to afford medical insurance (Hmmm  that  is ALREADY how it is). Most changes in health care are consumer driven. Make your voice heard.

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