Beware These GMO Foods

Time will reveal to us the true cost of altering nature’s design. I am certain that over time many more illnesses and perhaps some cancers will eventually be linked to ingestion of engineered food. If you avoid these foods and their by products, you will be going a long way to remove GMO’s from your Diet. Unless these foods are labelled NON-GMO, you can be certain the are to be avoided. Do your best to eat REAL FOOD, organic, fresh, whole, unprocessed and non GMO. Even Cheerios is going non- GMO. Somebody is listening.

Heart Disease Kills More Women Than Cancer | Read This Book

Dr. Masley’s 30 Day Heart Tune Up gets results: a healthier you, a healthier heart, better blood flow and more mojo. Yes, even your sex life will improve! At the end of thirty days, you will have your own experience of more energy and greater health and a spark in your step.

Health Care in America | You Won’t Believe This

Have you been injured more than once due to an unspecified encounter with a chicken, bitten by an orca whale a second time or been injured at the opera? The health insurance industry is rolling out a new system of diagnostic codes. Here are some of the new codes in the NEW IMPROVED system. (Stabbed While Crocheting, Bitten by A Sea Lion, Unspecified Encounter with a Chicken, Injured in the swimming pool of a prison, burns due to water skis on fire, injured in the crash landing of a spacecraft) Let me know what you think…Laughing out loud and rolling your eyes yet?! If you want more laughs, read on!