Grilled Foods Contain Cancer Causing Chemicals

The blackened areas on charred and grilled flesh foods (meat, poultry, fish) are a source of carcinogenic chemicals. These chemical directly damage DNA, our genetic material, initiate mutations that can lead to the development of cancer. Think before you eat! The longer meat is cooked, the more dangerous it becomes.

Killing Cancer Cells by Starving Them of Sugar

UCLA Study discovers How to Kill Cancer Cells: Starve them of Sugar and they start to die. Conversely, patients with diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance..conditions of persistent high blood sugar suffer higher rates of cancer. Botton Line: Sugary blood feeds cancer cells.

10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Women

Women need to be vigilant about symptoms they may be experiencing. Many types of gynecologic cancer produce symptoms early enough for them to be successfully treated. When the symptoms are ignored, the delay in treatment can prove to be fatal. Ladies, listen to your bodies! If you are experiencing something abnormal for you, see your doctor. Chances are the symptoms aren’t cancer related, but it’s better to be safe.

Hidden Cancer Causing Toxins In Your Shampoo-Again

We are exposed to a myriad number of cancer causing toxic chemicals everyday. Why aren’t most of these chemicals listed on the labels? What Your Shampoo Isn’t Telling You and Why It Matters. A must read article from Mother Jones Magazine.

Cancer Causing Toxins in Your Home| Get Clean and Go Green

Here is a new website where you can learn all about the many toxins in your home, garden and garage. It is a visually oriented site where you can click on an item on a bathroom shelf and learn about the cancer causing chemicals found in your shampoo or toothpaste and how to find a good alternative.

Integrative Cancer Answers Health News | Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract has been shown to possess the remarkable ability to selectively target head and neck squamous cancer cells leading to cell death or apoptosis. A study showed that by generating reactive oxygen species, grape seed extract both damaged the cancer cell’s DNA and stopped the pathways that allow for its repair.