Is Cancer a Chronic Illness, Not a Death Sentence?

illness, cancer, survive, happyYou Can Survive With Cancer as a Chronic Illness

Too often cancer is thought of as a death sentence; a terminal illness.

“Survivors” may not be cancer free. Many people actually live long term with cancer as a chronic illness.

What does that mean? It means cancer may not be 100% eliminated. But it may be under control. Just as the way diabetes or high blood pressure are chronic illnesses that can be managed effectively while maintaining quality of life.

There are cancer cells present in your body. They are quiet, inactive and dormant. They are not doing anything or going anywhere. And they probably won’t kill you if you have a plan.

My Outsmart Cancer programs are a plan that you can rely on. They are designed to create a body where cancer cannot thrive.

You can change the soil in your garden to produce healthy plants and avoid weeds and diseased plants. In the same way, you want to change the terrain inside of your body so that you do not grow cancer cells.

You can create a physiology that does not support the development, progression or spread of cancer.   

I am asked the same two big questions over and over:illness, vegetables, supplements, broccoli

What should I eat?
Which nutritional and herbal supplements should I take?

I have written a simple guide that not only answers these questions but also gives you food lists, sample meals, menus and recipes.

My guide also lists the most important supplements which will support your physiology to its maximum potential.

This is the best way to get started.  My OutSmart Cancer QuickStart guide includes the same guidelines that I have given to my patients in my clinic for over 30 years.  

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