Cancer Causing Toxins in Your Home| Get Clean and Go Green

Here is a new website where you can learn all about the many toxins in your home, garden and garage. It is a visually oriented site where you can click on an item on a bathroom shelf and learn about the cancer causing chemicals  found in your shampoo or toothpaste and how to find a good alternative. You can click on each room in the house and go through common items. Additionally this site provides links to other authority websites such as Environmental Working Group which has one of the largest databases of common products, ingredients and associations with diseases. Once you explore this site you will want to run out and buy all non toxic shampoos and lotions, soaps and detergents, paints and floor cleaners and get a good water filter.

You can also learn how to test yourself and your children for levels of toxins in your tissues that may be causing troubling symptoms. Often we are not aware that we have been exposed a toxin in a common everyday product that is compromising our wellbeing and giving rise to symptoms of fatigue, poor concentration, aches and pains, skin rashes and more.

It is pretty shocking to discover how many chemicals we are exposed to in our everyday environment and the toxic substances that we actual put on and into our bodies.

Substances such as pthalates, parabens, chemical dyes and colorings, pesticides and herbicides really don’t belong on our skin or in our stomachs!

It is possible to systematically transform your environment to be safe and green and non toxic. It simply requires some education about the dangers and risks and safe alternatives that are better choices. It is time to stop exposing yourself and your family to cancer causing chemicals and toxic substances unnecessarily. Pick one room at at time, go through your home, garage, garden and office systematically and over a few weeks or months  you can really clean up your environment.

According to the World Health Organization: About 40% of cancers could be prevented if people stopped smoking and overeating, limited their alcohol, exercised regularly and reduced exposures to toxic chemicals over the course of their lives.

Start now! Read my free 30 page report Three Dangerous Cancer Survival Myths Revealed: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You you will find check lists and steps that you can take to make changes starting today to keep your family safe and cancer free.Get Instant Access Now!

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