Anti-Cancer Diet Shopping List and Checklist

Here is a list of foods that comprise an Anti-Cancer Diet.

Take this list with you when you go shopping

Review the list each week to see how many of these foods you included.

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Please let me know if this list is useful to you.  Would you include any other foods on this list? Which Cancer Fighting Foods are your favorites?  Do you have any great recipes to share?    By composing a diet out of the super foods on this list, you will be choosing to:

  • detoxify cancer causing substances
  • support your immune system
  • lower inflammation
  • block cancer cells from invading other tissues
  • promote self-destruction of cancer cells through apoptosis
  • protect healthy cells with foods containing high levels of anti-oxidants and nutrients
  • stop the growth and spread of cancer by blocking the development of new blood vessels to cancer cells (angiogenesis)

Daily guidelines for Fighting Cancer with Foods:

  • Choose 6-10 servings of fruits and vegetables from different color groups
  • Choose 3 4 oz servings of protein (no more than 50% from animal sources, the rest from vegetarian sources)
  • Choose 3-4  1/2 cup servings of whole grains
  • Choose 4-6 flavor enhancing anti oxidant herbs and spices
  • Choose 3-6 1 oz servings of healthy fats, oils, nuts and seeds
  • Drink 8-10 8 0z servings of fluids (filtered water, tea, soup broth, juices)

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