Alternative Cancer Choices ANTI-CANCER By David Servan-Schreiber, M.D.

Anticancer, A New Way of Life This is a book about alternative cancer care and health by David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., a medical doctor who was diagnosed with brain cancer and beat the odds. When faced with the limitations of conventional oncology he was compelled to search for more solutions and resources. This book is a clearly written and well researched resource for all cancer patients who want to take control of their health and for all healthy persons who want to understand how to make lifestyle choices that prevent cancer and reduce cancer risks. All of the suggestions in this book are backed up by research.

There are four approaches discussed in detail so that each person can take actions that lead to health

  1. Protecting ourselves from environmental cancer risk factors
  2. Adjusting our diets to cut back on cancer promoters and include the greatest number of phytochemicals that actively fight cancer
  3. Understanding  and healing the mind-body interface
  4. Creating a healthy relationship with our bodies to promote robust immunity and  also reduce inflammation that contributes to cancer growth

This is a practical book filled with reliable and trustworthy information. The chapter on food and diet and nutrition is excellent. This is the first book I recommend to anyone interested in cancer prevention, re-establishing health after cancer and for preventing recurrence.