Act Now Tell the FDA Not To Restrict Access to BioIdentical Hormones

If you have not already done so, take action immediately to oppose the provisions contained in S.959, a dangerous bill that gives the FDA the authority to restrict or even eliminate the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) that women and men depend on. S.959 is quickly moving through the U.S. Senate, and gives the FDA the authority to ban the most commonly used BHRT treatments. FDA tried to do this five years ago, but didn’t have the authority to do so. This bill gives the FDA that authority and much more. It’s that simple, which is why S.959 needs to be altered or stopped.Here’s what is happening: S.959 was approved by a powerful Senate Committee in May. The bill started out as a response to the recent tragedy involving the New England Compounding Center (NECC), a rogue pharmacy in Massachusetts that shipped out contaminated injectable medication. But the bill has expanded into completely unrelated areas and now threatens access to BHRT and other vital compounded medications. Big Pharma and others are exploiting this tragedy to try to eliminate competition for drug company products like synthetic hormones that don’t work for many women and men.Please take action today at to protect your right to use BHRT. Those who are clamoring to give the FDA unprecedented authority to eliminate your medications are counting on your silence. Prove them wrong and let your elected Senators and Congressmen know you oppose this power grab by the FDA and the drug companies. FDA has been openly hostile to BHRT, and even refuses to recognize the term “BHRT” as legitimate. So what do you think FDA will do when they get full authority to determine whether women or men can have access to BHRT? And they would have the full support of the drug companies and their lobbyists, who would love to eliminate the competition for their synthetic hormones.

Please take action today. Email your Senators and Congressmen and demand that they remove these dangerous provisions from this bill. We are all for increased safety, but the NECC tragedy should not be used to deny you the medications you need. Tell Congress what you think. Click to enter your ZIP Code and address and send emails to Congress!

To find out the details of S.959 and how it could affect your access to BHRT, click here.