A Single Mother With A Brain Tumor Speaks

Every now and then a patient takes the time to remind me why I practice. Often I really am not fully aware of the patient’s inner experience unless they choose to share it with me.

Words such as these, shared with me by a brave woman, a single mother with a brain tumor, is what gives meaning to my work.

This is why it matters.

Here is the statement of a 47 year old single mother with a brain tumor facing surgery. A friend gifted her with a consultation with me in my office earlier this month. She flew to Los Angeles from another state to hear my opinion. She has given me permission to share her thoughts and feelings. Here is what she wrote to me last night:

Let me express my profound gratitude for your generous and game-changing truth talking. The conversation we had may have changed my life more than any other. It was a wake up call, a call to action, and truly was such a heartfelt and stabilizing picture of reality. I cannot express how grateful I am. I am especially aware of the implications of our talk for my daughter, and for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am learning how to take better care of myself as I work through the different kinds of denial that I have. To say our conversation helped me to change the way I am handling this is an understatement. So again, thank you.

At moments like this I feel compelled to deeply  acknowledge my mentor and spiritual mother, Deena Metzger, who has been a guide and teacher, an inspiring role model and wise woman for me. Her influence in my life and  my healing work has been profound.

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