3 Healing Skin Masks You Can Make At Home

Kitchen Medicine: Healing Rejuvenating Skin Masks

Here are some healing and nourishing masks you can make in your kitchen that will heal and transform your skin into a radiant glow.  Skin is damaged by environmental exposures include ultraviolet radiation from the sun, chemicals, especially from the chemical filled personal care products we use every day.

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Tips for At Home Facials

Before getting started

  • When mixing food items be sure to use clean and sterile utensils and containers.
  • Wash hands really well so they’re clean before handling the treatment.
  • Test on your wrist before applying to your face: Apply a bit of the mixture to the inner wrist before using on face to be sure you are not sensitive to or allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • If  your skin begins to burn or feel irritated, wash off  the mask immediately with cool water

Tumeric  Calming  and Restorative Facial Mask

This mask brightens the complexion reduces redness and blemishes, moisturizes, reduces inflammation, fights bacteria and mildly exfoliates the skin.

Tumeric has over 100 known healing functions in our cells. It is one of the great anti-cancer herbal medicines. Here is a traditional facial mask from India where there is a centuries old tradition of applying a tumeric mask as a pre-wedding facial to insure every brides has glowing skin.

Make a thick paste using 1 teaspoon tumeric powder, 1/2-1 teaspoon whole milk or full fat yoghurt  or coconut milk or coconut yoghurt and ½ teaspoon honey.  Make it very thick so it does not drip. Apply to clean skin. Let it dry for about 30 minutes. Wash with warm water. Pat dry. (Tip: the enzymes in the yoghurt give extra benefit to this mask)

Try this mask for 3 days in a row and you will have glowing skin.  (Warning, tumeric stains clothes and fabric, but not your skin, so be careful as you apply it!

Carrot Avocado Nourishing Facial Mask

Carrots are rich in protective super antioxidant plant chemicals called carotenoids.  Avocado is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and glutathione.  Honey is a natural humectant or moisturizer and is also anti-bacterial.

Slice one organic carrot, place in a steamer basket and cook until tender.  Add steamed carrots, ½ avocado, ½ teaspoon honey to a miniblender or blend into a smooth paste with a spoon or  a mortar and pestle.  Apply to clean skin for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Simple Green Tea Facial Mask

Green Tea is rich in plant chemicals called catechins which have been show to normalize inflammation, scavenge damaging free radicals and activate cellular functions that promote the protection of our DNA.   Honey and Yogurt have moisturizing properties. Lactic acid found in yogurt also mildly works to refine the surface of your skin by breaking down dead cells. Green Tea has been widely studied for its use both internally as a beverage as well as topically to protect and rejuvenate sun damaged skin.

1 tablespoon of green tea powder (or green tea leaves ground fine in a grinder or with a mortar and pestle)

Mix the green tea into a paste by adding any of the following ingredients.  Add each ingredient slowly and keep stirring until you have a thick paste that you can spread on the skin. Use this mask once or twice weekly for protection and renewal.  Honey, Yogurt, Warm Water.

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